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Romford is quite a big suburban area in northeastern London, govern by London Borough of Havering, and is one of the major centres in the London Plan. During the ancient times, Romford was a small market village in Essex, it was connected with London and many other significant cities in the area by roads and later on by railway, which was built in 1839, it led to rapid economical growth in the area.

The change from rural area to light industry and commerce during modern times, led to significant increase in population number in Romford, which got included in London itself in 1965. Since then the town has become one of the largest commercial, retail, leisure and entertainment centres outside of central London. There are numerous night clubs, bars, pubs and café’s in Romford.

Building the railway, also resulted in the Star Brewery thriving in town, which opened up many employment possibilities and enriched the town, it produced the famous John Bull beer, too bad it closed down in 1993. It got remade into a shopping mall, called The Brewery which opened in 2001 and is one of the most impressive malls in the area. The second one, called The Mall, as stupid as it sounds is just as impressive, it opened in 2006 and they are both part of The Liberty Shopping Centre.

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