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Ilford is a significantly big town, north east of London, and the center of London Borough of Redbridge. It is also one of metropolitan centres in the London Plan. It is mainly a residential area, full of exclusive housing, apartments and closed neighborhoods, its economy is based on commerce, Ilford is littered with restaurants, shops and different leisure investments. In past, it was a rural area in Essex, but as many other small towns or villages around London, it grew significantly during the development of London Railway which made it into what Ilford is today, a charming suburb that got swallowed by London in 1965. Ilford benefitted greatly during 2012 when the Summer Olympics were running in the area.

Ilford used to be an important traveling destination because it used to lay on a road between London and Colchester. It took years for the small town to develop enough to house industries like brickworks, cement works and coal yards. 1839 is the year in which the train station finally opened, and that boosted the economy even further resulting in opening new businesses like paper making, laundries and new houses for people that started settling in the area en mass.

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