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London Escorts, an agency dealing in legal escort services, all over London and beyond, we proud ourselves for being the leading supplier of the best company for hire on the market. Our girls are exceptional beauties, with taught proper manners and various codes. We are not looking for anything less, we strongly believe our clients deserve the best London has offer to satisfy their needs to the extent of our capabilities. We are looking for a particular kind of an applicant, you need to be very open-minded, flexible, both with your time and your joints. We need women who are willing to go to great lengths to please their customers.

Our employees must have booming bodies, further more, they need to maintain those bodies by working out regularly, visiting tanning salons and cosmetics, surgically enhanced bodies are also welcome. It would also help if the applicant was an educated person, well versed in politics and current affairs, so no awkwardness will occur during the nights out. Well kept hair, being trust-worthy and punctual with general neatness are a must if you would like to apply for this job at London Escorts. Amazing body, distinguished look and attitude, open mind and willingness to please and do your best are the traits that best describe who we are looking for.

By now, you must be wondering what can offer you, in exchange for your services. As the leading escorts in London provider we can offer our employees a number of perks, none else can. Our wages are way above average, our girls can afford a very comfortable life, for a very low number of working hours ratio, we will provide you with health and life insurance, dental, gym membership, tanning coupons, or even a nice place to stay in for a low rent if you are in such need.

We will drive you to your clients, and back home if the client does not provide you with transportation, and most importantly, we will make sure you are safe and sound during the whole process. If you think you are a match to those qualities, go ahead and send us a resume with multiple photographs and we will, surely, get back to you.

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